It Has to Be Apart/ It Has to Be Alone

I did not ask you to come by, why did you?

What Is the Difference between You Said Hello to Me and I Said Goodbye to You?

everyone’s lonely II

a void of its own

I Don’t Know How to Fall You Teach Me to Fall

Will You Pick Me Up Tomorrow?

The Curse and the Spell of the Struggling Artist

Artists are stars in the sky some are seen some are not seen

Let’s Celebrate How We Passed through the Day

I am going to be a painter

My Big Dream of Art

A Grave, a contract, a symposium, some clocks, and some broken fingers that work too hard

I made stars on my hand and I am not capturing it for the sake of art

Never Draw Your Ideas As Sketch Or They Will Die

Cleaning is to wait for the dust to come

How to fly like a fly?

How to tango with a vacuum cleaner?
goodnight oil goodnight soap

A bakery for nobody

how to be a perfect bread

Be Friend OK?

I'd like to give you a blurp as a gift

A Sea can never sleep

When an Ear Flower Falls Out from an Ear Pond It Must Be Distorted

A Cloud Is Fallen from the Sea

Me Love Me Long Time

everyday i grow some grass here

sorry grass